here it is, again: a monthly review for family and friends who decide to follow this blog and are interested in the actual goings-on in our life, rather than my less practical musings.  I have divided our month into categories, and provided the highlights.

life with a little one (in pictures):

Row 1) Andjoli is getting filthy. many of the things we hope will make it in her mouth never get there. Aim is impeccable, however, with less desirable objects.

Row 2) We’re starting to give her more frequent baths. It’s the first time she’s really needed them, and they don’t make her as crazy as they used to. Here are some clean pictures of her in her bath robe . . .

Row 3) she’s loving the outdoors. We’re doing our best to make sure she doesn’t choke herself on the smaller parts of it. Even though she seems to dislike the taste of dandelion fluff, she keeps going back for more.


i) Some of the winter-sown starts survived my lack of attention, and are now in the ground. For the most part, we’ve tended the front yard and acted like the more expansive back yard doesn’t exist. It’s tall with a lot of things we didn’t plant. The areas we cleared and planted in the earliest days of spring have been over-run again. We’ve got an almond tree, grapes, blueberries, peppers, tomatoes and eggplants to set out back in the next few weeks . . . so we’re going to need to pull out some of the un-invited green.

ii) the fruit trees seem to be in good form. I love the fuzz of the miniature peaches setting out. The apples and pears, which flower later don’t have their fruit sets yet, but everything else looks like it will be in production this year. The nectarine had a little leaf curl, but I plucked off the mottled leaves, and there’s no reoccurrence yet.

iii) the asparagus came up and was had a few times before we let it unfurl to the small trees it hoped to be. fresh cut asparagus is really something.


i)papers finished. grading finished. A breath, and then a quick leap to summer session.

ii) the addition is usable and has been used. B’s family came in to town at the end of the month, and we spent good time in the new space together watching a film, eating at a table, and they, of course, slept there.

iii) We’ve started fermenting our grains much more frequently, and it makes me feel worlds better. We also are whey fermenting baby food, and finding good uses for the sourdough start that keeps growing and needing to be used (biscuits and pancakes were wonderful, the sourdough banana bread, not so)


i) sigh. someday.

community, work, politics, and the rest of the world:

i) all of these things keep happening. I’m just too tired to recall much of it.