1. we are not the preschool family type. we gave it a go, and are all happily nested at home again.

2. I’ve started back at school- this should be the last semester of coursework, and I have three readings courses, which figures out to reading one long book a day. I don’t have time for anything else, and we are renegotiating family responsibilities so that I may live life and a book a day at the same time.

3. re-negotiating family responsibilities is never easy. my husband is wonderful. i miss cooking so much that I’m sleeping less in order to fit it in.

4. I like what I’m reading. don’t feel too bad for me.

5. My sister came down and stayed with us in august. She played my shadow in the kitchen for a week, and now finds my college vegetarian guidelines (found in an earlier post) manageable.

6. Andjoli is exceptional. and I’m going to go spend some good time with her instead of sitting here at the computer and writing about it.