I’ve started a second journal that will focus more on food and health. You can see it here.


If you follow this journal from the facebook link, my journal will no longer auto-update there.   I’ve made B change my facebook password and hide it from me so that I can’t get into my account.  This is only one of many ways that my charming husband is helping save me from myself. I have arranged a subscription-link for this site (Check the side bar on the left if you are interested), but I can’t seem to do the same for the other site.

This (Last Maple) journal will still contain my less food-related ramblings- but I’ve decided to change the structure here a little as well: I’m giving up on monthly reviews. I find them tiresome, and sometimes anxiety producing. I’d prefer to write when I have something to write about, rather than putting myself on a mandatory calendar.

and so it goes, from here on out.